Local Partners

Pulp Fiction is all about empowerment.

We want to empower the individual through quality food and empower our community through partnering with local shops who are having a big impact.

Here are a few of our partners.


Legacy Roasting Company is a nano coffee roastery located in Hopewell, Virginia. While we strive to offer some of the best coffee possible, our passion isn’t just coffee... it’s the people we interact with on a daily basis. Legacy Roasting Company not only strives to create a positive legacy for our families, but a positive Legacy for our communities as well.

WPA Bakery was opened by baker David Rohrer and restaurateur Kendra Feather in 2012, with Rohrer taking over the entire operation in late 2016. David was awarded the 2014 Elby for Best Pastry Chef / Baker. Rohrer is also an accomplished local painter.

WPA is a neighborhood bakery, offering all sorts of treats, including pies, cakes, caneles, muffins, sticky buns, Breakfast sandwiches and more as single order items, and whole cakes and pies as special order items. Come by and have a cup & a slice!

Founded in 2014 by Richmond natives, The Treat Shop is a veteran-owned shop that offers handmade cake and yeast donuts made fresh throughout the day. Our fresh yeast dough is hand rolled and cut on site to ensure the best quality product. We offer made to order Funnel cakes, Fried Oreo’s, Fried Snickers, Candy apples, Cotton Candy and 24 flavors of Hershey’s old-fashioned Ice Cream!

Our Treats don’t just stop with sweets! We also have the best homemade pulled Chicken BBQ, our made to order items which include our very popular 8 oz. Angus Beef Jahnke Rd burger, our fresh hot fried fish, Nathan’s All Beef hotdogs, Chili Cheese Fries and our breakfast sandwiches which are served all day! Stop by The Treat Shop today, because everyone deserves a Treat!

We're total jam and pickle nerds. We love perusing farmers markets and farm stands seeking inspiration for our next jamtastic creation. We make every effort to craft all of our products with local or responsibly-sourced ingredients. We love supporting small businesses and local farmers and hope you do too! By sourcing a lot of our fruits and veggies from local farmers and vendors we're supporting Virginia's hard-working small businesses and communities.

We hope you'll enjoy a jam session with us. No matter your preference we're sure to have a hit for your taste buds. Open a jar and jam out!

At UnMoo, We apply traditional cheesemaking methods to small batch nut milks to create delicious, naturally flavored plant cheeses locally in Richmond, VA.

No almonds at UnMoo, don’t worry! We deeply believe our water resources and bee populations are precious—we choose our ethically sourced organic cashews over almonds any day. Our carefully selected cashews are delicious to us AND our microbes—the naturally occurring fats, proteins, and sugars in these cashews provide all the nutrients needed for happy cultures, lending our products tasty brightness and complexity.

Inspired by distant places, festive occasions and the notion that a girl really can have it all, Miss Maude’s Bar of chocolates brings together the best of life in one bonbon-like bar.

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