our roots

Pulp Fiction is a company inspired by a revelation of empowerment. We want to make the process to a better self and health-based goods available to everyone in the community.

Our goal is to give, to inspire, to watch and grow. Pulp Fiction brings a new age vibe along with instilling values of feeling good and whole, acceptance, and self advocacy. It's about loving yourself, growing in who you are, and letting it be. Change is the only constant, and we embrace it.

Our Why

Significant personal shifts happen in all lives. For founder Ruslana's parents, it was taking the leap from the Soviet Union to come to the United States where nothing was promised for the hope of a better future for the next generation. When another shift happened years later, it could only be described as a wake up call. A call to realize that life was happening now. There needed to be a change in how we viewed ourselves and what we were consuming to be able to fully realize all life had to offer. Part of this was training for an Ironman triathlon and the discovery of wellness through juice. It was time to take our own leap towards a better future. Something we now aim to share.